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This sandwich special is originally from Puebla, Mexico 9/17 – 9/22/13

Inspiration for our sandwich specials comes from all over .. this one from Puebla, Mexico! Our vegan version is truly unique.

vegan cemita sandwich special

The Cemita is Gutenfleischers HM ham, avocado purée, red salsa, Teese mozzarella, red onion and your choice of regular toppings on a housemade cemita roll. If you’ve tried our Cemita before, we know you’ll be in this week. If you haven’t, you best fit us in your schedule.

The soup special this week is Tortilla!

vegan tortilla soup

Sandwich Special for the week of 5/14 – 5/19

This week, the special is one of our replica sandwich masterpieces…

RB & Cheddar

RB (roast beef) & Cheddar Sandwich: House made Onion Bun, Gutenfleischers vegan RB (roast beef), Teese Cheddar Sauce, Horseradish MO (house mayo) & RB sauce!

This week’s soup special: Georgia OnionVidalia onion and house made “beef” stock. No wheat or soy ingredients.

georgia onion soup


Sandwich Special 5/7 – 5/12

This week we’re bringing you a diner classic, vegan style!


TS on the left, CS on the right

Melts! Choose from our vegan Chicken Salad (CS), Ham Salad (HS) or Tuna Salad (TS) with cheddar or mozzarella Teese pressed on a house made Cuban roll.

This week’s soup special: Ham (HM) & Potato

creamy potato ham soup