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Sandwich special for the week of 9/9 – 9/14/14

This week’s special makes use of a Southern favorite

vegan pimento cheese

It’s the Pimento Cheeze Sandwich! House made vegan pimento cheeze, your choice of toppings, and your choice of house made bread. Get it pressed hot for extra gooey goodness. Take it to the next level by adding tempeh bacon for a little extra.

This week’s soup special: Lablabi (Tunisian chickpea soup) It has chickpeas, garlic, loads of it, onion, cumin, lemon juice, salt & pepper.

The week we make trays of vegan Meatwads

Sandwich Special for the week of 10/22 – 10/27/13

This comforting sandwich has been missed by many a vegan, until now…

vegan meatball sub


The vegan Meatball Sub! Gutenfleischers vegan meatballs, Teese mozzarella & house made sauce on a house made hoagie roll.

This week’s soup special: Chickpea Pasta!

vegan chickpea pasta soup


Atlanta Walk For Farm Animals

Thanks everyone that supported the walk this year either by donating or walking. The walk itself exceeded its goal, hooray! We didn’t quite hit our team’s $1000 goal, but we got close: $858 including $47 that you guys left in our donation jar at the bakery. Woo hoo!