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Sandwich special for the week of 8/27 – 9/1

This sandwich will win over any skeptic

Pizza Grinder

The Pizza Grinder is Gutenfleischers SG (sausage) and PI (pepperoni), house marinara sauce and Teese mozzarella on a house made hoagie rubbed in garlic infused Earth Balance. Holy crap!

This week’s soup special: Italian Wedding

vegan italian wedding soup


Labor Day Special Orders

Get in your special orders for BZ Ribs, cupcakes, cookies & more. Deadline is Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm. More info.

vegan rib rack


Sandwich special for the week of 7/30 – 8/4

This week, we’ve got a hearty, hot sandwich with the umph to fuel all your summer activities

stroganoff subThe Stroganoff Sub! House made hoagie roll, warm Gutenfleischers SK (our house steak filled with portobello), grilled onion, creamy dill stroganoff sauce and your choice of toppings.

This week’s soup special: Shchi – Russian Cabbage Soup

shchi russian cabbage soup


Sandwich Special 1/8 – 1/13

happy new year

So, welcome to 2013! Sorry we didn’t post the special here last week, but it was on Facebook & Twitter. This week’s special scored pretty high in our favorite special sandwich poll, which you can still vote in, by the way

riblet hoagie special

The Riblet Hoagie!

In case you need a refresher, the riblet hoagie is Gutenfleischers BZ Riblet, with savory & spicy BBQ sauce on a house made hoagie with your choice of toppings!