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Sandwich special for 11/13 – 11/18

This week, colder weather brings a new hot sandwich…

stroganoff sub

The Stroganoff Sub!

House made hoagie roll
Warm Gutenfleischers SK (our house steak filled with portabello)
Grilled Onion
Creamy Dill Stroganoff Sauce
With Choice of Toppings

Atlanta, Thank You!

2012 atl veg fest table

Yes, Atlanta, we CAN have nice things! Thanks for coming out to Atlanta Veg Fest this weekend. The enthusiasm of everyone shows us just how overdue and event like this was. A big round of applause to the organizers for making it instantly a success. We will absolutely be at the next one and I’m sure it’ll knock everyone’s socks off!

thanksgiving special orders banner

Thanksgiving .. it’s a week from Thursday! Our pre-order deadline is 11/18 at 3pm so have a look at the pre-order menu and get your orders in. Interested in something you don’t see listed? Just ask!


Sandwich Special for the week of 8/21-8/26

riblet hoagie special

This week’s sandwich special, the Riblet Hoagie! It’s our house made Hoagie Roll, Gutenfleischers BZ Riblet, Lettuce, Pickles, and Onion (or whatever you want!)

breakfast biscuits

We know you like our Sunday morning breakfast biscuits .. now you can grab one out of our case and take it with you and heat it up at your destination! Biscuit and Gutenfleischers SG sausage, $3.50. Biscuit, SG, tofu egg and cheeze, $4. In the cooler to the right of the deli counter.

hummingbird cake

Here’s a new item in the bakery case: Hummingbird Cake! Banana and pineapple cake with walnuts and a pineapple cream cheeze frosting. It goes very fast, so count yourself lucky if it’s in the case when you come by!

Also, you guys are awesome. That is all.